2020-2021 Board Goals

Goal 1: Academic Achievement

Our students will receive a well-balanced, rigorous education that prepares them to be productive, responsible, career/college-ready, and proper civic members of our ever changing global society.



To achieve this goal, the District will:

  • Support instructional programming that will maintain or increase cohort growth on NYS Assessments in ELA, Mathematics, and Science. Mastery levels on all Regents Exams will continue to rise.
  • Support initiatives that will increase the percentage of students receiving a NYS Regents Diploma.   Graduation rates will continue to rise.
  • Oversee the instructional programs of the District, supporting the notion of providing a wide range of course offerings to our students while supporting and remediating struggling learners..
  • Support and encourage participation in annual educational experiences for all administrators, faculty, staff and parents.



Goal 2: Culture, Climate, and Community

Maintain a safe, healthy, and clean school environment that reflects high standards for learning and fosters district and community pride. Promote a high level of teacher collaboration and teamwork to foster constant academic improvement and experiences for all students. 



To achieve this goal, the District will:

  • Support programs that empower students and encourages them to be leaders in the school and the      community.
  • Recruit, train, and retain highly qualified employees that teach and model positive behaviors.
  • Continue to build positive relations with the community by exploring and implementing measures to   improve two-way communications with families. To increase awareness of events and opportunities for the school community to use district facilities.
  • Support programs and services that provide student and family resources in mental health.
  • Implement time for teacher collaboration and discussions on academics, instruction, student achievement, and student wellness.


 Goal 3: District Efficiencies

Increase efficiency in the delivery of non-instructional services throughout the District.


To achieve this goal, the District will:


Food Service

  • Encourage exploration of strategies to incorporate healthy foods with a wide variety of student choice with their meals.

Buildings & Grounds

  • Improve the functionality and aesthetics of current classrooms and facilities and oversee the educational environment our staff, students, and community participate and engage in.
  • Support the creation of a campus-wide facilities plan through our current Building Condition Survey and upcoming Capital Project(s).


  • Support new technology and equipment in providing our students safe school transportation.
  • Encourage exploration of options to expand shared services with neighboring districts and others located within the region.


Goal 4: Fiscal Responsibility

Promote a fiscally responsible budget that maximizes the opportunities for students, parents, faculty, and staff while taking into account the long term financial viability of the District and potential burdens to       taxpayers. Focus will sustain or add to the District’s current academic programs and services provided to all students. Prioritize items to address within each phase of the upcoming Capital Project(s).


To achieve this goal, the District will:

  • Create a long range financial plan for the District.
  • Maintain a general fund surplus of less than 3% of the current year’s operating budget.
  • Continue to development a District-wide strategic plan.
  • Seek to enhance student opportunities provided within the District through the next Capital Project(s).