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Scholarship Information

Click here for a list of scholarship applications that are currently available for students to apply for:


Applications for local, county, and regional scholarships are received periodically in the guidance office, generally between January and June. All seniors are strongly encouraged to apply for these scholarships because the applicant pools are relatively limited, greatly improving the odds of winning.
As each application is received, it will be posted on a large bulletin board in the college room of the guidance office. Applications will be located in the "local scholarship" box in the Counseling Office.
All applicants must make certain to adhere to stated filing deadlines. If the application requires documentation from the guidance office, (transcripts, recommendations, etc.), it should be turned into the office at least one school week prior to the filing deadline.

There are over one hundred local scholarships that become available between January and June.

Keep in mind that when searching for scholarships, distinguishing between merit-based and non-merit-based will narrow your field, and provide more options to students who wish to receive aid for reasons other than academic performance.

The use of the Internet will help aid students in their search for college funding.

College Scholarships are monies awarded to students by individual colleges and universities. These awards may be based on academic merit as determined by high school transcripts, special talents, or financial need. Many colleges use the information on theFAFSA in awarding scholarships. Students should contact the financial aid offices of schools they are considering to inquire about scholarships and aid packages.

Links to scholarship information for popular colleges that our graduating seniors over the past few years have chosen to attend.