MHS Yearbook

Senior Information for 2019-2020 Yearbook Portraits

Seniors are required to have a Formal and a Cap and Gown Photo taken for the Yearbook as well as the hallway class composite picture.  This is a free portrait sitting and an online sign up for time slots will be posted again prior to retakes.  The portrait sessions were held earlier in the year.  If you missed these sessions, you need to contact Mrs. Buczek ASAP or you will be missing from the senior graduation composite photo that hangs in the main hallways.
Yearbook requirements for seniors are:
  1. Cap& Gown and Formal photo
  2. One Vertical [head/shoulder pose]
  3. One Horizontal candid pose
  4. Baby photo [any age, birth to middle school]
  5. Senior Biography [ Maximum 950 characters]
  6. Senior Quote [ Maximum 75 characters]
A letter with full requirements is available here and will be sent home to all senior students.
Any questions feel free to contact Mrs. Buczek at (585) 948-5211 x 4504

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If you need help, please contact Mrs. Buczek at (585) 948-5211 x 4504