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MHS Yearbook

2018-2019 MHS Yearbook Information:

Oakfield-Alabama High School has selected Legacy Studios to be your official senior photographer for this year.
We will be taking portraits for the Class of 2019 at the school on a future date to be announced.
Notice for the date will be sent as soon as it is solidified. 
Yearbook photos will be a traditional head and shoulder pose in the required tuxedo or drape with a standard blue background.
This ensures uniform head size and background consistency. Tuxedos and drapes will be provided for your use.
Gentlemen, please wear a white t-shirt under a dress shirt
and ladies, please wear a spaghetti-strapped tank top to ensure a quick change.

*After your sitting, you will choose your pose for the yearbook and be given a
personal online gallery password to view and purchase your images.
Visit seniors.legacystudios.com and enter your school name to schedule your portrait session online.
A formal photo along with cap and gown picture is required of each senior for no charge.
For the yearbook pages, there will also be a vertical and a horizontal pose of each student placed in the yearbook.  All photo submissions are due by December 1st with the following requirements:
1. Print: color only NO BLACK & WHITE or SEPIA TONE  
2. Digital submission of all pictures should be .jpg or .png with a minimum of 300 DPI) 
2. Background: Single, muted shade of gray, blue, brown, or tan will look best, but most backgrounds are accepted. 
3. Composition: “head and shoulders” shot, showing no more than “chest up” (this shows off your student best) 
4. Dress: Vertical should be semiformal, meaning…  
 •Males—solid-color collared shirt. Tie; sport coat or suit coat , etc...   
 •Females—dress suit, dresses, formal blouses or sweaters, etc...
the Horizontal photo may be a casual pose   
PLEASE Do not violate OACS Student Code of Conduct. For instance, no hats or head coverings; no sunglasses; no revealing or distasteful clothing; no clothing that promotes alcohol, drugs, tobacco, firearms, or that contains obscene or profane language or illustrations.
DUE DATE FOR Bio, Quote and ALL photos: Dec. 7, 2018 
Do not give pictures to any other teacher , please only hand in to Mrs. Buczek
Do not give pictures to any other student
Do not leave them in room 167 [Mrs. Buczek's room].
Either email all submissions to :  pbuczek@oahornets.org  or mail pictures to the following address or hand them directly to
Mrs. Buczek
7001 Lewiston Rd
Oakfield, NY 14125
Photos may be dropped off with Mrs. Scheiber in the attendance office 
The OACS Oracle Yearbook is printed through the TreeRing company, they partner with Trees for the Future, to plan a tree for every yearbook sold, this year OA was able tohave 114 trees planted in our schools name to help provide for future generations!   TreeRing Green Yearbook School   Yearbooks may still be purchased through treering.com.
Orders may be sent in at any time over the summer and into the next school year.
The OACS MHS Passcode is : 1014224719032870

If you need help, please contact Mrs. Buczek at (585) 948-5211 x 4504
or pbuczek@oahornets.org or you may also contact support@treering.com