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Board of Education


Oakfield-Alabama Central School District

Effective July 1, 2018

Board Members:

Matt Lamb, President (term expires 2019)

Jeff Hyde (term expires 2019)

Chris Haacke (term expires 2020)

Jennifer Kirkum, Vice President (term expires 2020)

Bonnie Woodward (term expires 2020)
Timothy Edgerton (term expires 2021)
Lorna Klotzbach (term expires 2021)
The Oakfield-Alabama Board of Education consists of seven community members, dedicated to serving the Oakfield-Alabama School District. The Board of Education bears the responsibility to oversee and manage public school district affairs, personnel, and properties. The Board operates under the guidelines set forth by the Education Laws of the State of New York and the State Board of Regents. The Board of Education is responsible to the State of New York and to local school district residents for the education of public school students.

The Oakfield-Alabama Board of Education is composed of volunteer members who serve for a period of three years. Elections are held in May, at the same time as the annual budget vote. To qualify for membership on the school board, an individual must be a qualified voter of the District; a District resident for at least one year prior to the election; and a United States citizen.

Our Board of Education invites you to stay informed and participate in helping our school and community provide the best educational program for the students in our school district.
You may contact members of the Board of Education via email at
Link to the Board of Education Policy Manual can be found here: Oakfield-Alabama BOE Policies

Board of Education Meeting Dates
OACS Community Room
6 pm

July 10th Re-Org and Regular Meeting
August 21st  
September 18th  
October 25th*  
November 20th  
December 18th  
January 15th  
February 26th  
March 19th  
April 16th GVEP Budget & Annual Election
May 14th Budget Hearing & Regular Meeting
May 21st Budget Vote 11 am - 8 pm
June 18th  
                                                       *This is a change from October 16, 2018. Board approved September 18, 2018.


Academic Achievement Goal:
Our students will receive a well-balanced education that prepares them to be productive, responsible and career/college ready members of our ever changing global society.

Culture, Climate & Community Goal:
Maintain a safe, healthy, and clean school environment that reflects high standards for learning and fosters district and community pride.

Non-Instructional Efficiencies Goal:
Increase efficiency in the delivery of non-instructional services through the District.

Fiscal Responsibility Goal:
Provide a fiscally responsible budget that maximizes the opportunities for students, parents, faculty and staff while taking into account the long term financial viability of the district.