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Facility Use Requests

School buildings and grounds are maintained primarily for educational purposes. On days that school is in session, all buildings and grounds shall be reserved for the exclusive use of the regular day school program (including co-curricular activities). School activities, such as interscholastic sports and club events, will have priority over outside groups, including events that need to be rescheduled. 
Please note that the District will only approve facility use requests consistent with Board policy and shall be in compliance with the requirements of Education Law, Section 414. Use of facilities is not guaranteed and may not be approved for failure to comply with the use of facilities policies and guidelines; failure to pay the facilities use fee in a timely fashion; previous damage or vandalism to school facilities; or conflicts with school recess periods, holidays, or scheduled construction/renovation.

How to Request Space

OACS uses ML Schedules software to automate its Facility Use Requests, improving efficiency, reducing approval processing times, and increasing user satisfaction.  


Step 1: Create a Master Library Scheduler account for your organization:  Note: you must provide up-to-date proof of insurance for your organization, uploaded to ML Scheduler when creating your account. 


Step 2: Wait for Account Approval: District staff must approve your organization. Please allow 24-48 hours for processing. The District will email you once your organization's group has been approved.


Step 3: Create Request: Once your group is approved, you may log in and create a new request for facility usage. Be specific. Please note that ML Scheduler will not allow you to file a request if the facilities you want to use have already been requested by another organization.


Step 4: Wait for Approval of Request: Your request will be reviewed by the proper chain of command and either approved or denied. You will be notified by email whether your request has been approved or denied. If you are a for-profit organization, the business office will contact you to discuss facility usage billing before approval.

Insurance Requirements
A signed Certificate of Insurance must be submitted and include Oakfield-Alabama Central School District as Additional Insured.  A Sample Insurance Certificate for Facility Use is linked below.  Insurance certificates must be unexpired and cover the date of the facility use.  You will not be permitted to use the space until a current Insurance Certificate is on file. 
Facilities Use Guidelines
The OACS Facilities Use Guideline Form must be signed and returned. You will not be permitted to use the space until a Facilities User Guideline Form is on file.
Hold Harmless Agreement:
A Hold Harmless Agreement must be completed and submitted when creating your account. You cannot use the space until a current Hold Harmless Agreement is on file. 

Oakfield CSD reserves the right to assess additional fees for using facilities when the situation warrants it for reimbursement of expenses. 

Additional fees to reimburse the District may apply when the School District must employ additional custodians, maintenance staff, kitchen staff, security guards, stagehands, lifeguards, or other supervisors for an event. These charges, including fringe benefits, will be assessed at the going rate per hour for each person scheduled to work. This charge will generally be a time and a half, plus fringe benefits when planned outside of the employee's regular work day. Curricular and co-curricular programs of the Oakfield-Alabama School District and school-related groups are exempt from these fees.


*See the fee schedule located within the facility use guidelines document above for more details


Emergency Closings
In the event of an emergency school closing due to inclement weather or an emergency of any nature, all activities scheduled for that day or evening are canceled. It will be the sole responsibility of any group or organization that has reserved any school facility to publicly announce the cancelation of their event. When the decision is made to close the school, announcements will be made as early as possible on the District's Facebook page, via Parent Square, and the following news platforms: Channel 2 (WGRZ), Channel 8 (WROC), Channel 10 (WHEC), and Channel 13 (WHAM).
Contact regarding facilities use requests:
Stacey Velletta
(585) 948-5211 ext 4291