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Welcome to the Office of Special Education!


The Office of Special Education is responsible for the development, coordination and supervision of programming for students with disabilities. Oakfield-Alabama offers a variety of services and programs to promote wellness, and positive educational experiences in order to meet the individual needs of all students.


In Oakfield-Alabama, our Special Education programs and services are provided to address the academic, social-emotional, physical and management needs of students with disabilities in the least restrictive environment. Our goal, to the greatest extent possible, is to provide these programs and services in the general education classroom in the student's home school. We recognize that each student is a unique individual and we strive to provide a program that supports each student in their educational pursuits. We believe in collaborating with our parents to help each child be successful.  


Please feel free to contact the Special Education office at (585) 948-5211 with questions or concerns. Brittany Kessler, at x3225, provides office support and will be happy to take your phone call. We look forward to working with you! 

Director of

Special Education

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Mrs. Lynn Gehlert

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(585) 948-5211

Phone: (585) 948-5211

Ms. Brittany Kessler

Contact me via ParentSquare

(585) 948-5211 Ext. 3225





Child Find is a continuous process of public awareness activities, screening and evaluation designed to locate, identify, and refer as early as possible, young children with disabilities and their families who are in need of an Early Intervention Program or Preschool Special Education services through the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).


To receive an Early Intervention Program or Special Education, children must meet eligibility guidelines according to IDEA.  IDEA requires all states to have a "Comprehensive Child Find System" to assure that all children who are in need of early intervention or special education services are located identified and referred. If you believe that your child may be a child with a disability or in need of support services, please contact the Special Education Office at (585) 948-5211 ext. 3225.

Talking about your Child's Disability